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The Lift

The new Lift is designed to reduce the stress in the navicular area of the hoof by reducing the pressure of the flexor tendon on the navicular bursa, and relaxing the impar and the suspensory ligaments. 


The Lift comes in a 3/4 inch lift and is either screwed or glued or both for a very simple pain free installation. Their is no restriction of hoof function with this fantastic new design.  It also helps with low heel long toe, lax tendons, and general rear hoof pain. 


The Lift is for Therapeutic use only and is not designed for riding or working your horse.  The normal application time is between 15 and 30 days.  The horse should be kept in a small area during the rehabilitation time.  We do not recommend a stall, but a small area such as a round pen or small paddock would work great.  We recommend doing one hoof at a time if both hooves are involved.

Epoxy is recommended for most installations.  We recommend Equilox epoxy.  It can be purchased at Well-Shod (www.wellshod.com)  or directly from Equilox (www.equilox.com).  Epoxy and screws will secure the Lift for the best results.

Watch the installation video here.