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Customer Testimonials

Many horses have been saved with the Hoof Cinch. Here is what clients are saying:

The Hoof Cinch is a valuable tool in the treatment of laminitis and founder.  By stabilizing the hoof capsule and reducing the stress at the level of the laminar surface, pain is greatly decreased and the return to normal function can be much quicker. 


Perhaps the best aspect of the device is its atraumatic and simple application; the Hoof Cinch eliminates the need for painful shoeing.  Once the underlying disease process that caused the laminitis has been resolved, horses respond positively and rapidly to the Hoof Cinch. 


Jan M. Doelle, DVM

Fountain City, WI 

I am proud to say that the hoof cinch really works. Our mare has been foundered for over a year. Because she is a favorite I have used pads, boots, several types of shoes and nothing worked. I got the hoof cinch and put them on and I saw a change in the mare. I left them on like Mr. Potter said and I can tell anyone she is as sound as she was before she foundered and her feet look good. We rode her on the rocky trail up and down steep hills and she is fine. The next day she was ready to go again. We are very happy with the results. You can use the them and feed a horse you can ride instead of one you cannot. Thank you Mr. Potter

Jim Hayes,

I was reading with interest many of the testimonials for The Hoof Cinch and Hoof Lift products and was amazed at how many of those testimonials are similar. I guess at one time or another as horse owners whose animals have experienced lameness either in the form of Laminitis, Founder or Navicular Syndrome, we have exhausted all traditional remedies only to stumble on Chuck's unique therapy. I am no exception. I put my horse through acupuncture, chiropractic and a multitude of supplements to cure his occasional bouts of lameness. After years of intermittent frustration I brought him to the equine center at the University of Tennessee for an evaluation. He was diagnosed with soft tissue issues although they could not be specific with a diagnosis without a costly MRI. The X rays of his foot indicated no bone damage and only slight arthritis which would not unto itself cause any lameness. Like many others I felt our ! 11 years together was coming to an end and by happenstance I came across Chuck's video on YouTube. The call went out and Chuck graciously took me by the hand and walked me through what needed to be done. He made himself available to my farrier and between these two caring men my horse is now looking like the guy I started as a 2 year old. I have never posted a testimonial in my life but to sing the praises of Chuck Potter and his wonderful life saving product and his truly caring nature takes no effort at all. I encourage anyone who has lameness issues with your horse to try the Cinch or the Lift. It may not work on every horse particularly if their foot problems are beyond repair but not to try it is doing a disservice to your horse. Thanks Chuck for giving me what I hope will be many more years of enjoyable trails with my best friend.
 Jim Byrne

Thank you SO MUCH, Chuck, for saving my horse who was a chronic laminitis suffered for almost 3 yrs.
I was rarely able to ride him as he was always having bruised soles and abscesses.
One day he would be good..the next so sore He'd be laying down most of the time.
 I was just sick thinking I was going to have to put him down as he was in so much pain...he was 17 and I've had him since he was 4 mos. old.
A friend told me about Chuck and how he had helped her pony, so I got in touch with him and had him come see my horse.
He trimmed him and put the cinches on him. 
ALMOST immediately he was walking better!
I had blood test done and found his Insulin levels were elevated, so we got him on Prascend which he has been on daily, since.
4 months later. I was riding him in Arkansas and he was back to his old self!
It's  been 18 mos now, we just got back from riding in Tennessee on Wednesday.
There  has been no more episodes of laminitis.  
Thank you for giving me my horse back!
Deb Lukes
Rochester, MN.

Amazing product and amazing customer service. I put the hoof cinch on my foundered gelding 2 months ago. He was sore and not moving well. His sole was thick and flattened. A few days ago he came in for the feeding and he had snapped one half of one of the hoof cinches. My farrier came out the next day and trimmed a bunch of sole off. Storm is moving well and we've been riding again. I called customer service and they were extremely friendly and helpful with getting me set up with a replacement strap. Thank you so much Krista! Storm and I both appreciate you guys.
Karri,   WY

Received our 4 hoof cinches for our mini and now have them installed. In a couple of hours we turned him out of his stall and let him loose in the barn. He was already trotting around! Thank you thank you thank you!  We are sold on your product! 
David D., Albia, IA

Chuck and Krista, 
I can't find the words to express how truly grateful I am for the hoof cinch!  My horse Bucky is 24 years old, and we have had issues with founder almost his whole life.  Just in the last couple years, it's gotten worse.  I haven't been able to ride him very much, because of his feet.  He would have good days, and bad. Anyone that has had, or has a horse suffering from founder, you know it takes it's tole on their feet.  We have tried supplements, change in diet, exercise, you name it we have tried it!  
Three months ago, we were days from having him put down, because he had been lame.  His front hooves were so brittle, and he couldn't keep a shoe on one of them.  He was lame, and limping with every step.  It was so heart breaking, because he's in the best physical condition he's ever been in, EXCEPT his feet!  My farrier came out to look at him one last time, and didn't have good news. That night he went online, and called my mother the next morning.  He told her to order the hoof cinch, and lets try that before we put him down.  He said " let's give this a chance, I've heard of some people that have tried it, and had success with it".  So we overnighted the hoof cinch and installed it the next day.  
I can not say enough good things about this product, and feel like it saved Bucky's life! He quit limping within a couple days of installing them, and you would never know he ever had issues with his feet looking at him today! He's like a new horse! His hooves are growing, and they are growing strong! It's crazy... how much these little bands have changed the shape and condition of his feet!  We have even taken him off the anti-inflamatory he was on, and he acts like a different horse.  He has that spunk in his step again!!  I would recommend this product to anyone that owns a horse with founder issues.  It will truly change the quality of their  life for the better.  I can not thank you enough for this product!
Kelly A. Martindale��
Lucky Bucky Clothing 
Fayetteville, TN 37334

Hello Chuck;
I contacted Dr. David Heinze of the Fox Valley Equine Practice in Elburn, Illinois, a highly respected veterinarian who's reputation equals the "Mayo Clinic for horses" among top horsemen in Northern Illinois. Dr. Heinze agreed to exam Stormy even though his assistant told me Dr. Heinze had worked the past 18 days in a row to keep up with demand.
Dr. Heinze then applied Hoof Cinches and gave us instructions to reduce Non Structural Carbohydrates to less than 20%, confine Stormy to a stall with 6-8" of soft sand on the floor, and stop Bute dosages ordered by the previous vet. 
On August 25th we travelled back to Dr Heinze for a follow up examination. Dr Heinze immediately took X-Rays and to everyone's astonishment Stormy's Coffin bones had De-Rotated from 17 degrees back to under 3 degrees!  Everyone present was stunned. There was another vet present who was visiting to learn about Dr. Heinze's remarkable work saving chronically Laminitic and Foundered horses with Four Point Trimming and Hoof Cinches. She told me Dr Heinze has saved many horses in the past year that might have otherwise been euthanized without his intervention. 
Dr. Heinze explained to all present that usually the process takes longer but Stormy's case was unique in that his recovery time was quite short.
Returning home, I constructed a temporary 24'x24' corral with 6-8" of sand on the floor. I also used a poly tank to keep his hay clean because it is soaked in fresh clean water for 8 hours prior to feeding. Stormy is fed fresh clean grass hay 4 times daily.
Chuck, thank you for your contribution to saving Stormy.  I have conducted clinics regarding Gaited Horsemanship for many years and Stormy has been my loyal partner for 16 years. The link below is a video captured by an Equine Director of a high school Equine Science course who Stormy and I gave a brief introductory clinic for to her students. "The topic was training your horse to trust you". You Tube reports the video now has over 32,347 views.

Dr. Heinze has assured us that Stormy will make a full recovery and that even at age 20 will have many years to participate in clinics and Special Olympics events. Thanks to you, Chuck and your wonderful invention Hoof Cinch, for making it possible.
Dusty Rhoades
Morrison, Illinois

The hoof cinches were put on the rescue mini, and he felt instant relief from his foot, just after puting one on, it was amazing, how he just rolled the weight back on his front, and could easily walk out of his stall, i think even he was surprised that he could walk with little or no pain! Thank u again for this awesome product!      
Teresa B.  CT                                                                                 

My paint mare had been under a Vets care for several years for founder-like symptoms. After seeing an ad for the hoof cinch, I decided to give it a try. Several days after applying the cinches to her hooves I noticed the she was standing straighter with her legs under her. Within three weeks she was walking much better and even trotted around the pasture. She continues to improve weekly. I was also very impressed with the customer service I received.
Thank you, Glen

It’s going on 2 years since I purchased Hoof Cinch and my farrier put them on.  We did keep them on longer than recommended because of her hoofs but have been off now for over a year.  I have not contacted you before because I was waiting to see how Selke, my TWH mare did.  Well, my farrier is very pleasantly surprised and I am tickled to death!  Her hooves are almost totally grown out new and are as they should be.  I do keep shoes on her front and in the winter also pads for easier movement, depending on the ground sometimes pads in the summer too.  My Husband and I were looking at putting her down 1 1/2 years ago but when I saw your video on RFD I decided I had to try the hoof cinch.  I am hoping to ride her a little this summer, it will be easy rides for her as she hasn’t been ridden for 3 years this summer and is pretty soft of course.
Audubon, MN

Chuck, I can't say enough good about the hoof cinches. My mare gave me
the best birthday present ever when she came to the back door for
breakfast today. When her laminitis was really bad, she wouldn't move
out of her shelter. Now I am cleaning up poop from all over the back of
the acre. I feel like I'm on an Easter egg hunt!
    I'm glad we caught the broken one and you were so super to ship me
out another set. I'm leaving them on for another month at least but I am
so happy that my mare can walk. I even caught her trotting when she got
spooked the other day.
    I don't have any aspirations of riding her again because she is
stifled in the back end but I may actually be able to wean her off the
    Thank you for inventing this amazing product. I feel so great
having something to recommend to my clients who have foundered horses.
    Terri Jay 

Yesterday morning I looked out my kitchen window just in time to see our 16 year old gelding gallop through the paddock, stop on a dime, them buck and rear.  Asher was feeling good and wanted the world to know it.
   This many not seem like a big deal, but in January we wondered if Asher would ever walk again, let alone run.  He had foundered and was unable to even hobble more than a few feet.  Chuck put on Hoof Cinches and we discovered the source of our problem--insulin resistance.  Between cleaning up Asher's diet and the cinches he has not only recovered, he looks better than we've ever seen him.
  It took both pieces to bring about a full recovery: diet to address the cause, and the Hoof Cinches to repair the damage.  We are thrilled to have our old boy back and doing so well.
Heartfelt  thanks, Marsha K.  Minnesota

I can’t tell you how thankful I am I happened to see your spot for Hoof Cinch on RFD-TV. The application of it made sense to me. I called right away and felt even better about it after I talked to you. I called my farrier to check out your website and he thought it would work. My horse, Breeze, is a 23 year old T.W. gelding. He has a gait that is awesome and still is a great ride. He has to be managed as far as green grass goes. He has had laminitis many times, but had not rotated yet. My husband let him out on fall grass in October 24/7 for a short time. He got so bad most people would’ve put him down. It broke my heart. I raised and trained this beautiful animal from birth.We went through intensive care with him but thought we still would have to put him down this spring. We ordered Hoof Cinch in March and my farrier put them on right away. When finished, Breeze booked out of the barn on concrete at his old familiar stride. We could hardly believe it. About a week later, he was running full tilt in the pasture.  On another day, he saw my husband coming to feed. He was so excited he came up on both back feet before he took off. This is the only thing I know of out there that relieves the pain almost right away and is able to restore the alignment of the coffin bone with the hoof wall so the hoof can heal. I called my farrier and told him Breeze was running. He could hardly believe it as he had seen him when he first foundered and knew how bad he was and thought he should be put down. He was really pleased to hear how good he was doing because now he has helpful information for his clients. I wish I had known about Hoof Cinch sooner, I would’ve spared my horse a lot of pain and saved us a lot of money. I’m glad we didn’t give up on Breeze and found Hoof Cinch; it gave my horse a new lease on life, thank you.

Gratefully Yours, Judy D. Holyoke, MN

Thank you so very much, the greatest founder product ever made!! We couldn't be any happier & pleased with the Hoof Cinch! & with the results we're having with our horse Sierra. We have been working with her for over 6yrs and now she is finally able to run again!!!
We had ex-rays taken 6yrs ago and the vet told us there was no way to help Sierra, we should put her down. We just couldn't give her up, so we had the Women in our church anoint her with corn oil and pray for Sierra for the past 6 years. We believe the  Lord has answered our Prays through you and the Hoof Cinch. May God Richly Bless You and your Business Greatly.!!!
Thank you
Rick & Angie B
Hagerstown, MD

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Hoof Cinch.We have a 17 yr old mule that has foundered for years after an abscess infected his coffin bone and we had to have 30% of it removed surgically. The minute we applied it he stood up straight and has ever since.He's better every day and hasn't had to have any Bute.He's had them on for 2 weeks and seems normal but we're going to leave them on a little longer.Thank you for thinking "outside the box" and inventing this product.I'll tell everyone I know about it.Our farrier is really impressed! Thanks again.
Faith B

Hi there!
We just shot additional films of my horse's feet, after he's had the hoof cinches on for a month.
Vet and Farrier and me, for that matter, are stunned.  There is no way there should be this much improvement in only four weeks.
LF was rotated 7 degrees, now at 1, RF was rotated about 4, now at < 1.
Totally amazing.
I will go to the website and order a new set, just to have on hand, but no express shipping necessary this time.
Thank you so very much!!
Collage photos of his films attached.  Let me know if you need any other info.  He is a 18 year old TB that raced until he was 10.  We suspect possible metabolic issues, but have not done any chemistry panels or tests.  
We appreciate your product very much!
Libby Henderson & Sam
Greensboro, FL
OMG Chuck! I wish I would have had my camera tonight. He is walking 100% better on all feet. The  one with the limp is now being used but not with  full weight  yet with out limping. Thank you for coming  up with this  product!!! I will send video tomorrow if  you would like.  I was moved to tears when I saw him! He has suffered so much pain For almost 3 months before I heard about your product.To see him like this there are no words.
Thanks again Darlene
Shawano WI
The Hoof Cinch is an amazing equine product first brought to my attention in the fall of 2012. Every horse I have applied the Hoof Cinch to showed an immediate improvement. The Hoof Cinch stabilizes the hoofwall and forces the wall to grow back toward the coffin bone. It also seems to stimulate the coronary band allowing for a fast 10 to 16 weeks recovery.
Shoeing is very painful for a foundering/laminitc horse. The application of the Hoof Cinch is painless. As with any medical problem the underlying cause must be resolved for a complete recovery. 
Eric Schuberg
Mackinac Island, MI
I was given a beautiful mare because she was badly foundered and in great pain. Her owner could not find anyone who could successfully treat her. Scarlet, a registered mini mare, was in great pain and would barely move.
Chuck came and put on the Hoof Cinch, Scarlet seemed to be in
less pain almost at once. But amazingly within a few weeks she was completely
Today Scarlet runs and plays with the other horses. You would never
know she had ever foundered. I highly recommend this product. It is
Lisa Judd
Dakota, MN
I wanted to let you know your product for founder is wonderful. My mini was having a hard time walking so had the vet Dr. Jan come out to take X-rays and he had rotated and it was very painful for him to walk. Dr. Jan sent the x-rays to Chuck and the next day Chuck came out and put the Hoof cinch on Ace by the next afternoon he was feeling so good he
would not let me catch him he just was running and trotting all around the
I can not say enough great things about this product. Thank you
Mary Ignasiak
Ettrick, WI
Hoof Cinch was placed on our pony PeeWee. He had cronic Laminitis for approx 5 years, during which time we kept him off grass and put boots on him when he was ridden. His laminae was stretched from the hoof wall at the toe. The hoof cinch was put on for approx 10-12 weeks (2 times) and after the second trimming was taken off.
It has been four months since then and his laminae is back where it should be and he's walking without any tenderness.
Thank you,
Susan and Patricia Sanders
Plum City, WI
Our pony Trooper has had problems with foundering most of his life. He was starting to limp most of the time. After 10 weeks with the cinches, he is like a new pony. He is clearly feeling better and is back to running around the pasture with the rest of the horses.
If you have a horse with foundering problems, I would strongly recommend Chuck and his hoof cinch.
Deb Bates
Winona, MN
I have a miniature horse name Cricket who had foundered for quite some
time.  He could hardly walk and we were thinking that he would not make
it.  We tried everything we knew to help him with no avail.  I then heard
about Chuck Potter and his hoof cinch so I called him to see if we could take one last stab at trying to help Cricket walk again.  He came and put the hoof cinch on Cricket and we left it on for 3 months and his hoofs really grew long and we were not sure if the hoof cinch was going to work but Chuck came and took the hoof cinch off and trimmed his hooves way back so they looked like a little mini hoof.
It was like a miracle for the little guy.   He is walking again and it looks like he will be running soon. 
Thank you Chuck.
The Johnstons
Chaseburg, WI
I purchased a mare over the phone and was told she was pasture foundered. Shame on me for not going to look at her first, but anyways she was delivered and was bad. Fed and watered her on the floor the first month. We did different things in fact she was so bad we run her into a cattle shoot and laid her on her side for the first 3 trims and even had to glue on shoes on her. Now she was that bad.
Well anyways we got her to move around. Peg legged but was still getting around, then I heard about the Hoof Cinch and what did I have to lose. Well 2 days after putting the cinch on she was running and kicking. It don't get any better than this.
The coffin bone was a little over 20 degrees rotated and now on March 29 we are at 10 degrees. We put the cinch on again and will see where the coffin bone is on June 8th. It is a pleasure to see one run and jump and get around.
She is the daughter of Shining Spark and is a show mare that has done some winning. In fact I bred her to a son of Gallo Del Cielo on the 28th of March so we will see how this all works out.

Gary Walstom

Hayward, MN