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The Hoof Cinch is sold in pairs and includes all installation hardware. The cost is $60 per set and $5 standard shipping per domestic order.  It is only $25 for Priority Express shipping in the USA.  We ship worldwide at very reasonable rates. Orders of 4 or more sets of Hoof Cinches receive a 10% discount. You may order directly from us or contact anyone of our many dealers throughout the world by checking out the Authorized Hoof Cinch Dealers page.

Hoof Cinches

The Mini/Pony


This Mini/Pony Hoof Cinch will fit even the smallest miniature up to a pony with a shoe size up to size 00. It comes in a pair with all screws to attach it to the hoof.


$60 plus S&H


The Standard


The Standard Hoof Cinch size will fit most full size horse breeds. It comes in a pair with all screws needed to attach it to the hoof wall.   Shoe size 0 to 4.


$60 plus S&H


The "Big Boy"


The Big Boy Hoof Cinch will fit any large work horse. It comes in a pair with all screws needed to attach it to the hoof wall. Shoe size 5 and up.


$60 plus S&H


The Lift

The Lift

The new Lift has a 3/4 inch lift and is screwed and glued* for a very simple pain free installation. Installation screws are included. 
$35 plus S&H


* Epoxy is recommended for most installations.  We recommend Equilox epoxy.  It can be purchased at Wellshod.com  or directly from Equilox.  Epoxy and screws will secure the Lift for the best results.

Crack Repair Kit

Repair those hard to fix quarter cracks with our Crack Repair Kit.  Use the small cinch to close the crack.  Then apply the stabilizing bands above and below for a secure placement. 

$10 plus S&H

Hoof Cinch Hats.
Adjustable for one size fits all.  Tan, Navy Blue or Black.
$15 plus S&H
Extra  Screws
3/8 or 5/16 screws
50 cents per bag of 14.
Hold Down Tab 1.00 each