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US Patent 8,939,224 B2


About Us

Chuck Potter is the owner/operater of Donkey Hill Farm Farrier Service. Chuck served in the military for 21 years, received two associate degrees, and did bodyguard work overseas before deciding to turn his attention to the farrier business.  He attended the Minnesota School of Horseshoeing in 2004 and has been a full time farrier since. Specializing in corrective work, with a passion for helping laminitic horses led to an amazing discovery. He tried serveral other methods that worked fairly well but wanted an invention that would actually fix founder. His passion for excellence has led to the horses life changing Hoof Cinch.


Krista Potter's background was in advertising sales until she married Chuck and moved to the area in 2008. Her interests shifted and is currently working as one of the VP's of Hoof Cinch LLC. Being an animal lover, she is very excited about the opportunity to help so many animals live pain free and improve their quality of life.